French companies stand out in the Palmarès European

In total, no less than 1.5 million employees from nearly 3,000 organizations in 19 countries were surveyed this year by Great Place To Work®. The economic, social and organizational upheavals caused by the Covid-19 health crisis have drawn attention to the psychosocial risks associated with work, placing the health, physical and psychological, of all workers at the heart of managerial and strategic concerns.

Among the winners, 22 French structures continue to inspire us and remind us that each organization, whatever its size or sector of activity, can be a great place to work.

A multi-sector ranking

While the majority of the winners come from the information technology sector, a total of 14 activity sectors are represented in the Awards, including financial and insurance services, manufacturing industry, professional services, pharmaceutical industry. and biotechnology, construction and construction or even distribution.

This diversity clearly shows that the most important thing to become a great place to work, beyond the industry, is to rely on trust and employee experience as performance levers.

It is also interesting to note that the quality of life at work tends to be better in small companies than in larger ones, as shown in the graph below which compares the level of employee confidence by size of company.

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Make quality of life at work a priority

The Palmarès aims to promote those organizations that place employees at the heart of their strategy, in order to make them a source of inspiration for others to follow suit.

These Best Workplaces place trust and the quality of the employee experience at the heart of their strategy, achieving a level of innovation and performance above the market average.

In 2020, 22 French companies, or companies located in France, distinguished themselves in the Best WorkplacesEurope Palmarès. We are proud to count these innovative and committed organizations among our laureates.

It is not only a question of considering this Palmarès as an umpteenth ranking, but to be inspired by the companies that make it up and, above all, by the women and men who continue, despite the Covid-19 crisis, to the quality of life at work at the heart of their strategic challenges.

In the particular context imposed by this crisis, the employee experience is more essential than ever: it must allow each and everyone to fully deploy their potential in a dynamic of innovation, growth and performance ”, estimates Patrick Dumoulin, President of Great Place to Work® France.

He Awards distinguish 4 categories of companies:
- The multinationals
- LARGE companies, with more than 500 employees
- MEDIUM companies, from 50 to 500 employees
- SMALL companies, with less than 50 employees

The conditions for appearing on the European Palmarès in the “multinationals” category are as follows:
- Have more than 1000 employees
- Have 40% or 5,000 employees outside the country where the head office is located
- Be on the list of at least 3 countries

Finally, the ranking of companies is based on the calculation of the average of the scores of each participating country, taking into account the number of employees of each.

Multinationals are also valued via:
- The number of countries participating in the Great Place To Work approach (whether labeled or not).
- The total percentage of employees represented (the more employees concerned, the more companies are valued).

Multinational Category

The ranking of the 25 multinationals includes 12 winners based in France.
Among them, Salesforce shines by occupying the first place.

The other multinationals established in France are classified as follows:
- Cisco Systems France (2nd)
- March France (4th)
- AbbVie France (5th)
- Mercedez-Benz Financial Services France (7th)
- L’olivier Assurance (8th)
- Cadence Design Systems France (9th)
- SAS France (11th)
- Stryker (16th)
- W.L Gore & Associates (17th)
- EY France (19th)
- Chiesi France (24th)

Category LARGE
The ranking of companies with more than 500 employees includes 5 French winners.
In this category, Extia is ranked in 6th place, followed by MERITIS (11th), mc2i (16th), leboncoin Groupe (18th) and TALAN (21st).

Category MEDIUM
The ranking of companies with between 50 and 500 employees includes 4 French winners.
In this category, Novencia Group distinguished itself by occupying 6th place. UPTOO comes in 30th place followed by Accuracy (42nd) and Tasmane (46th).

Category SMALL
The ranking of companies with less than 50 employees includes a French winner, Aventim, which occupies 10th place.